Best Oil Additives for Noisy Lifters (Review & Buying Guide)


Every time we hear the distinctive noise while driving our car, our heart pounds profusely because deep down we know that something is wrong with the car.

The noise, if not dealt properly can cause a problem. The reason why these types of noises should be dealt with as soon as possible is because if the noise remains to be persistent then it can cause serious damage to your lifters and thus causing your engine to malfunction.

However, if you choose proper oil additives for the noisy lifters at the proper time, you can save a lot of money.

But before you know about the oil additives for lifters, you need to know about what valve lifters in your car are actually meant for?

What are Valve lifters?

Valve lifters are actually the cylindrical parts which lift the pushrods. These little pushrods then apply pressure to open up the valves.

The whole mechanism is known as valve train and in order to make it run properly, the valve lifters need to be properly lubricated.

If you care to look at the lifters properly, you will see that they have small holes which let motor oil in so as to stay lubricated all the time. In case the lubrication ends up you need to change the lubrication. The renewal period is different for different vehicles.

If the oil additives are not changed during the time period then it will not only be fatal for the car but also for your life as well. The noisy lifters can, in turn, cease the engine which will lead to a sudden stop of your vehicle.

Imagine you are traveling at a speed of 50 kmph and suddenly you apply the brakes with full pressure. It will simply throw you out of the car in the forward direction which may be even deadly as well.Why do the Valve lifters become noisy?

The most common reason as to why your lifters get noisy is because engine oil after prolonged use accumulates dirt.

The other reason can be, the lifters might have become old but then for the lifters to get that much old, you need to drive your car for decades and that is not the reason you are here.

The most likely cause for the valve lifters to become noisy is because of the fact that the oil might have accumulated dirt.

But you need to be careful before you choose the right type of oil for your vehicle as a thick one may not pass through the holes of the valves and thin engine oil may not provide the proper lubrication.


Here are some of the oil additives listed which helps to prevent not only noisy lifters but also helps in proper working of the engine in the vehicle.

  1. Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive

Liqui Moly has been trusted by many customers for years and the trust is still intact when it comes to oil additives.

The main thing that this oil does is increase the lubricating properties of the oil and you need only a little bit of additive to get the work done.

The liqui Moly 20004 also helps up cleaning the passages and hence it is great for valve bores. Liqui Moly 200004 cleans them up and keeps them in top shape.

From the first use itself, you will start to notice the results and you will feel that the engine has become quieter than it was before. Even the vintage cars got resurrected from the annoying noises with the use of this product.

The recommended usage of this product is with gasoline and diesel engines as they work better with them however if your vehicle has turbochargers, this product seems to go along fine.

The product is good up to 3000 miles or less and as for usage it is recommended to use it with 6-liter engines (300 ml pack was used for testing purpose).


  1. Marvel MM13R Mystery oil

The Marvel MM13r Mystery oil cannot be opted out of the list as it is the strongest competitor of the Liqui Moly 200004.

This product is quite thicker as compared to the Liqui Moly 200004. This product helps you in a solid cleanup of the diesel engine vehicles and thus it’s worthy in finding the second place in the list.

The Marvel MM13R Mystery oil works on the carburetors and the injectors and cleans them up which is essential to keep your vehicle moving forward.

The carburetors and the injectors can be clogged or bind up a sticky residue inside which is responsible for clogging in the future.

The Marvel Mystery oil helps in cleaning and lubricating these parts. The Gum and varnish you might have heard in the workstation of your vehicle and these things may lead to engine cease which means your vehicle may end up halting in the theme of a trip.

The mystery oil does the cleaning of the varnishes and gums and makes the vehicle noise free. It helps to prevent decay by not getting an acid build up in the interior walls of the engines and also helps to remove the stickiness in the engine. If you are living in cold regions then this engine is the best for your vehicle.

Best line 853796001049 Premium Synthetic Engine treatment

The Best line 853796001049 Premium Synthetic Engine treatment is generally used for the noisy lifters in the Gasoline engines.

The best thing this product does is the prevention of smog that comes from the exhaust pipes. There’s no oil yet that brings down the smog but when an additive brings down the smog by 70 -75%, it’s a good product.

You don’t have to use too much of the oil in order to get the product working. It helps to prevent friction between the diesel engine and the engine parts which in turn helps to reduce the wear out on the engine.

The product helps to give a smooth and silent engine.

  1. TriboTex oil additive car engine treatment

The TriboTex oil additive car engine treatment helps to do the work in a tiny amount. This is a USA product and it can do the work efficiently as it is based on nanoparticles which help in cleaning the engines from inside.

The product also works for the Trucks and tractors or heavy vehicles as well.

The layer, in turn, helps to extend the life of the engine by also cleaning the gum that’s built up over time. It ultimately does the removal of noise from the filters.

The owners who have BMW and Ford like vehicles use this additive so you know how good the additive is.

The product has a great property as well which is that after 500 miles of driving the nanosheets pour a tribofilm which in turn lubricates the internal parts. The product is recommended for vehicles with medium-sized engines.

  1. Bars Product Rislone Car engine treatment concentrate

The Bars Product Rislone Car engine treatment concentrate is one other product which is used for reducing noisy lifters.

The product, however, comes after the TriboTex in the list and you will start to see the change in the engine of your vehicle right from the moment you mix it.

The product produces great results, even on old cars as well. It helps to reduce the tapping noise inside the Hydraulic systems and also lubricates the lifter parts.

With this product, the Gum and Varnish is no match as it dissolves them quicker than the other products and that too without obstructing the oil passages or engine in any way.

The product works very fine for tractors as well as truck engines. The product is totally non-reactive substances and that means they are not at all harmful for your engine.

The usage of this product varies from engine to engine depending on the age of the vehicle.

Best Oil Additives for Noisy Lifters Buying Guide

As discussed above you cannot buy any oil tagged as oil additives you need to check for certain things before buying one.

Furthermore, there are different types of oil additives like thickeners, flushing agents and oil thinners. But the one you will need for this purpose is the oil stabilizers actually.

The main function of these oil stabilizers is to keep the oil properties intact and also breakdowns the debris inside the engine.

So here are some properties of the product you should look for before buying the oil stabilizers.


The first thing people do is to go for the thickest oil additive but it is not recommended as the best practice.

The oil thickness depends on the holes in the valve and every vehicle has different types of holes in the valves and that’s why you need to check the manufacturer’s details or instructions so as to know the correct engine oil for your vehicle.

There is a manufacturer which also prescribes the use of some oil brands that is best for your vehicle.

Preventing debris

The oil additive usually works as the remover of rust and debris from the valve train.

The one more property that these oil additives must possess is the prevention of debris and rust attaching to the valves in the future.

It is recommended to use the oil additives when you are changing the engine oil so that it cleans up all the pipes, clearing the debris.

Optimizing the engine performance

The main problem with the noisy air lifters is the friction which actually reduces the size of the cylinder and that is harmful to your engine.

So to prevent too much friction in the engine, oil additives are a best in decreasing a notable reduction in friction.

Don’t just blindly rely on the claims made by the company; rather go through reviews made by authentic customers about the product. You can use sites like Amazon or you can rely on friends of yours as well.

Chemical composition

You should always check out the chemical composition of the additive you are using.

Usually, you can find it in the Label of the product attached to the container. Most of the oil additives are composed of petroleum distillates or mineral oil.

Other ingredients like phosphorus and Zinc can also be found which are usually known as performance boosters.


The lifter is a very tiny part of your vehicle but if it’s not maintained well then it can cause severe problems for your vehicle and also it irritates the driver when the noisy filters add up to that irritating sound.

If you don’t treat the problem properly then this can cause others problems in the vehicle. However, if you can use the oil additives mentioned above while refilling the oil then you will be able to save a huge amount of money.

Buying the best oil additive for the noisy lifter is what every driver should know because you don’t want your car to stop all of a sudden in the middle of your trip.

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